Hello Tastemakers, Innovators, & Risk Takers.


Hello Tastemakers, Innovators, & Risk Takers.

Building something awesome is only half of your job as a creative person; the other half is making sure the people who would benefit from your creation hear about it.
— Amit Gupta

We live in a truly inspired era, and many of us spend our days building, designing, improving, rendering, drafting, rasterizing, exhibiting, constructing – 

In short, conceiving a whole spectrum of offerings that contribute to a better society and a higher standard of living.

But… where does that lead, if nobody hears about it?

The boutique development you designed may be built with young families in mind, but they won’t know that unless its story is conveyed to, and resonates with them...

The typeface recently developed by your Foundry is optimised for viewing on moving objects, however your font's story needs to be told so it can help those who need it...

Your creations are special. The best way for that to be acknowledged is to compel your customers with your brand story, and set your work apart.


Are you being heard?

Brands are becoming some of the most influential publishers on the net.

What will your brand contribute to the conversation?

Are you being heard?

Brands are becoming some of the most influential publishers on the net.

What will your brand contribute to the conversation?

Equipped with smartphones, most of our daily decisions are aided by constant connection to the internet. Where to find Marimekko tableware in Brisbane? How to ensure your new purpose-built studio won’t require air conditioning year-round? What does UX mean?

If your brand can answer a consumer’s question, or offer them a solution via the internet, you’ve acquired yourself a new customer or client relationship.

Goods and service providers now partake in online conversations to create meaningful connections with their consumers, and distinguish their offerings as unique. 

Your brand's unique story is key to distinguishing your offerings, and compelling your users. 

The overwhelming issue here? Writing all of this content is difficult and time consuming!


Introducing your new friend...

Introducing your new friend...

Copyfriend specialises in creative & SEO copywriting for Brisbane businesses in the design industries, and businesses distinguished as design-centric.

I ensure your brand comes alive in words, and creates bonds with your target audiences and consumers. The outcome is content infused with brand and identity, delivered with love to the world wide web and into the lives of your audiences.


Start a business relationship with me and you get your very own Copyfriend to sort out all of this for you. We’ll begin with a face-to-face consultation, so I can understand exactly who your business is, what its goals are, and what it’s offering to the world. We’ll discuss your communication needs, and strategize a service to fit you.


Blog Subscription

Establish your position as an industry leader with consistent and insightful articles delivered across your preferred platform: blog, LinkedIn articles, or Medium.


Website Copywriting

Brand-infused copy, compelling to both humans and search engines. Designed to delight and convert while telling your brand's unique story. Whether it's product descriptions you need or a whole new set of pages, your friend has got it covered.


Brand Identity

Just starting out, or need a re-brand? This package will set you up with a complete personality, both visual and verbal.


Phone-a-Friend Subscription

Ever wished you could just get a writer to do that press release for you? Keep a Copyfriend on standby to complete any work you need handed off. 


Pen-Friend Help

Writing original copy for any purpose is time-consuming, however this time you've already sunk the hours into it. Rather than having a writer start from scratch, have one perfect what you've come up with. I understand the different genres of writing and how to optimise the written word across them.


Not quite what you're after? Everything can be tailored to your needs, just ask.

Need marketing or editorial copy? Keep scrolling.

Editorial Copy

Equipped with an editorial brain and a background in music journalism, I research, interview, and write stories: intriguing, human, and thought-provoking. All copy destined for digital platform is SEO written.

  • Feature articles
  • Commentary
  • Guest blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Advertorial
  • Custom publishing projects

Marketing Copy

  • Press releases & media announcements
  • Advertising and promotional copy
  • Branded e-books
  • Brochures
  • Fact sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Product descriptions
  • Approach & sales letters
  • White papers
  • Calls to action
  • Event descriptions & associated copy
  • Professional profiles
  • Personal profiles

These can be packaged as a project, or engaged through a
Phone-a-Friend retainer subscription.


Work with Copyfriend

Work with Copyfriend

I started a business last year and after scratching my head for hours on end trying to add content to my website, Copyfriend was recommended to help. After a couple of brief emails and phone conversations, Charlotte completely revamped my website and its content to reflect to my clients how we could meet their needs. I was blown away by the amount of research and time she put into it. I highly recommend Charlotte and Copyfriend!
— Tom Green, Managing Director Final Form Regeneration

We approached Copyfriend when we were launching our Educational Services business. We were really struggling to understand Next Level Education’s brand persona and our core message, and decided to engage someone to help refine our ideas and produce branding collateral. Charlotte was able to help us refine our focus and produce a stella logo conveying quality as well as capturing our playful aesthetic. Charlotte worked with us to ensure we were all on the same page and our branding was exactly what we required. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish, and the exceptional service we received will stay with us for a long time. We will be hiring Copyfriend again when we need content for our website and would absolutely recommend them to anyone requiring professional marketing advice and content.
— Aaron Leyshon, Next Level Education

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